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Narrogin Agricultural College: Safe Driving – Skills for Life

Courtesy of Narrogin Observer, 25/8/14

Shawsett trainers Peter Ramsay, Ken Heath and Chris Hill recently spent two days at Narrogin Agricultural College conducting intensive driving skills enhancement training for around 70 Year 11 & 12 students at the College.

The initiative, which began last year, was high on the agenda for the P&C who are keen to ensure that students have an enhanced set of skills to cope with driving on country roads, and is strongly supported by the College’s Head of Curriculum, Mark Pascoe..

The training provided by Shawsett included an interactive whole group theory session along with practical training exercises which focused on:

  • Hazard perception
  • Vehicle control & handling
  • Driver distraction & fatigue

Shawsett have part-sponsored the initiative with Narrogin Ag College and are looking to expand the project to other Colleges and high schools throughout the State.  We believe that this is a fantastic initiative to work with younger drivers to focus on enhancing knowledge and skills that could save their lives, and we look forward to expanding the scope of the project to take into account the results of Shawsett’s formal research project which will commence this month and will look into the impact of effective hazard perception on driving safety.