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Shawsett Training Closure

Shawsett Training is to close.

After nearly twenty years of operating Shawsett Training, Steve has chosen to take a new direction and as such has taken the decision to commence closure of Shawsett Training.

Shawsett Training was officially established in July 1999, and progressed from a small business in the front room of a house, to a class leading business in driver safety and emergency response.

The business was always a reflection of the person, and Steve was never one to let matters rest.

When deciding to seek a new direction, the decision to either sell the business, or close it, was a difficult one, but in the end, the business was built around personal values and effort, and these were not for sale.

So the decision was made to scale back the business, commencing with ceasing Nationally Recognised Training as of 31st December 2018, followed by reduction of consultancy services.

Whilst Shawsett Training has to apply to ASQA for approval to relinquish the Registered Training Organisation status, it is envisaged that this is a formality and will occur from 31st December on.

Throughout its operational life, Shawsett Training has employed many great staff and had many great customers.

Passion for training and development, and advancing knowledge to make a difference, has always been at the core of this business. Steve has been central to that core, since business inception, and during recent years, John Johnson has added his valuable self, with copious hours of dedication and application.

We sincerely thanks all those that we have had great relations with.

If you would like to discuss the closure of Shawsett further, please feel free to call Steve on 0419908068.

Many Thanks – Safe Travels!