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Thank you for such a professional, motivational and great fun experience.

Hello Steve, My Name is DT. I have just completed the four day SJA course with your company.I am writing to you because I feel compelled to provide you with feedback regarding the recent emergency ambulance driving course. Firstly, I must disclose that I come from a training background ( army) and have taught in TAFE in Australia and it’s equivalent in the UK for five years. I say this as I feel that I am coming from both a qualified and informed position and your trainers left me with the impression that I could give honest feedback. 

Ok, initially I was apprehensive about this two- week-condensed- into -four- day- course… Those concerns were immediately erased by your staff. Firstly Chris, punctual, efficient and polite, awake, engaged and ready to start training at 8:30 am, every day. Good stuff. Chris got straight into the nitty gritty of the course and the impartation of his knowledge was top knotch. The other trainers such as John, Ron and Evan were unbelievably passionate about their subject and putting it into context for us. Their individual and collective experience has allayed any fears that I had of a “tick and flick ” course! Experience truly cannot be bought and I would urge you to continue with such a great dept of talent in your ranks. RTO’s come and go but the passion of your staff to their role was inspiring and I have no doubt that they are led from the top down. By the way, your drivers did not spare me from any criticism and yet were constructive, firm and personable at the same time. I have completed this course feeling that I am a more aware driver which will pay dividends for my wife and children and the general community. Thank you for such a professional, motivational and great fun experience.