Emergency Driver – Ambulance and Fire Units / Drive Vehicles Under Operational conditions

With over 150 years combined emergency driving experience, Shawsett is able to deliver specialist courses for those that drive Operational Vehicles that require response to Emergency Situations, including Mine Site and Volunteer Services.

Course Code: PUAVEH001B

Course Name: Drive Vehicles Under Operational Conditions

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Incorporating Unit of Competency PUAVEH001B


To raise awareness of driving practices that need to be employed whilst driving under Emergency or Operational Conditions and to consider the legal requirements and laws associated with driving of Emergency Vehicles.

Course Objectives

  • Raise awareness of risk potential in emergency vehicle driving.
  • To enhance the physical driving skills of drivers in emergency vehicles.
  • To revise road craft and the road laws in relation to emergency vehicles.
  • Develop hazard perception techniques.
  • Develop an understanding of civil and criminal liability when operating an emergency vehicle.
  • Raise awareness of operation of Ambulance and Fire appliances (and trailers) whilst driving those appliances in an emergency.

Training Method

This course consists of a full one day of driver training, utilising theory sessions, group discussion exercises, practical vehicle checks and on road skills enhancement sessions focused on “low risk” on-road driving of Emergency Vehicles.

The Theory Session will cover Road Craft Strategies, including:

  • system of car control
  • observation techniques and associated hazard perception and risk management
  • factors affecting decision making whilst under Emergency Conditions
  • efficient braking techniques and simulated emergency stopping
  • vehicle dynamics in relation to a fire and rescue appliance
  • driving an emergency vehicle with regard to Road Traffic Act and Regulations
  • criminal and civil liability when driving an emergency vehicle
  • other considerations in an fire and rescue appliance

The on road driving and skills enhancement exercises will cover:

  • tyre pressures and relationship to safety
  • pre drive maintenance check
  • pre drive drill and safe seating position
  • braking, cornering and acceleration and recognising the forces acting on the appliance and its load, (liquid), whilst completing these functions
  • observation techniques with hazard recognition and safe negotiation
  • maintaining a crash avoidance space
  • system of vehicle control and its relationship to emergency vehicles
  • emergency braking techniques (straight line)
  • steering techniques and throttle control with regard to load
  • steering techniques and vehicle characteristics