Fully customised driver training – Drive to the Conditions

A fully customised driver development course that takes into account the specific driving environment, vehicle characteristics & dynamics as well as company policies and procedures.

Course Name: Drive to the Conditions

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Business leaders understand that their people are their most valuable resource.

They also understand their legislated duty of care to the employees with regards to vehicles as a workplace and have an interest in ensuring that employees are not involved in driving incidents that will impact on their productivity.

At Shawsett Training & Safety we have, for a long time, held the view that blindly focussing on a unit of competency to improve driver safety outcomes is questionable, at best.  A view that is supported by numerous studies and reports.

What does work, however, is a focus on influencing driver knowledge, behaviour and attitude to reduce driver risk.  Our primary focus has always been to  provide particpants with knowledge and understanding to ensure they are able to apply the skills in a variety of contexts, whilst ensuring that they display the skills that are required to achieve the competency.

But now we are going a step further.

Shawsett Training & Safety are having great success delivering our Drive to the Conditions driver coaching courses for clients that are more interested in improving safety outcomes than ticking boxes.  These clients are moving away from the ‘sausage factory’ driver training providers who are churning out participants who have achieved units of competency, preferring instead to have us conduct a thorough risk analysis of their specific context, including analysis of driving environment, vehicle characteristics & dynamics, incident reports, anecdotal evidence and risk factors that may influence driver safety, such as work rosters, driving routes and driver behaviours.  The result is a fully customised driver coaching course tailored specifically for your conditions and your employees.