Half Day Safe Reversing Techniques

This course is designed to aid drivers to reverse a vehicle using techniques that will assist in reducing the risk of vehicle or property damage whilst reversing vehicles, or moving in confined spaces.

Course Code: NA

Course Name: Safe Reversing Techniques

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‘Reversing’ or ‘Confined Space’ vehicle manoeuvring is a major cause of Vehicle Fleet Damage or Incident claims involving Property Damage. This ½ Day Course was designed by Shawsett Training with the aim “To introduce planned procedures and manoeuvres that will assist drivers to reverse or drive a vehicle in confined spaces in a manner that contributes to the safety and welfare of others and develop the potential for the reduction of vehicle or property damage”

About the Course

This course introduces participants to planned techniques to aid in the skill of reversing a vehicle, and manoeuvring a vehicle in confined spaces. It is designed to make drivers aware of the common reversing incidents and areas where manoeuvring a vehicle can cause difficulty. This process is assisted by the delivery of a brief theory component, followed by a series of practical exercises that reinforce safe factors and techniques. The methods used are suitable to assist individuals and organisations, as a Control Measure, as part of their Risk Management Process. This is particularly true in the case of Vehicle Fleets, where reversing has been found to be the major cause of vehicle damage or property damage claims.

Training provided by a recognised training provider is essential considering most drivers do not receive adequate training in this area, when first obtaining their drivers licence.

Course Format

This course consists of one ½ day of driver training (NON Accredited Training).

This course is conducted on a maximum ratio of one trainer to Six trainees, utilising up to three (3) vehicles in order to maintain adequate supervision during the practical components.

Requirements from the Candidate

The candidate must be in possession of a valid driver’s licence at the time the training takes place; if a problem is found on the day of the training, the candidate will not be allowed to complete the training.

The candidate will need appropriate clothing for the training day, this includes:

  • Enclosed shoes (thongs and sandals are not acceptable).
  • Clothing which will protect from the sun and will not hinder them from moving within the vehicle when reversing.
  • A hat that will protect the candidate from the sun.
  • A water bottle to fill with fresh water prior to taking part in the practical exercises of the course.