Off Road 4WD – Premium (2 day)

We offer two delivery options for Off Road 4WD training. Our Standard course (1-day) provides participants with exposure to the essential theory & practical opportunities for safe 4WD driving and recovery, while our Premium course (2-day) includes a greater level of practical application including basic first aid, which is better suited to remote and isolated 4WD use.

Course Code: RIIVEH305 & TLIC2025

Course Name: Off Road 4WD (Premium)

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Off Road 4WD - Premium (2 day)


This course was developed by Shawsett Training with the aim of developing advanced four-wheel driving techniques and recovery methods and remote area safety management principles that contribute to the safety and welfare of course participants contributing to the reduction and minimisation of personal injury and vehicle damage.


The rationale for the course is to provide an effective course for drivers routinely exposed to remote conditions and travelling long distances requiring the use of four-wheel drive. In developing this course, recognition was given to policies developed by Occupational Safety and Health Officers and recognised four-wheel drive safe operation guidelines.

Course Objectives

The objectives of this programme are to:

  • Develop hazard perception and risk management techniques in the on and off road environment
  • Discuss Occupational Safety and Health requirements for the use of light commercial four wheel drive vehicles and recovery equipment
  • Discuss planning requirements for pre-trip and contingency planning for extended four wheel driving with consideration to remote area safety
  • Raise awareness of the risk potential in light commercial four wheel driving
  • Enhance the practical driving skills of light commercial four wheel drivers in driving vehicles on and off road in low and high range four wheel drive
  • Develop knowledge for the safe use of selected advanced four wheel drive recovery equipment
  • Develop knowledge for the safe use of vehicle jacking equipment and tyre changing
  • Raise awareness in course participants of environmental considerations