Operate Commercial Vehicle

One day programs to meet mine site entry requirements and Government Contractual requirements.

Course Code: TLIC1051A

Course Name: Operate Commercial Vehicle

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This course incorporates the Unit of Competency, TLIC1051A – Operate Commercial Vehicle from the Transport and Logistics Training Package. The course content was developed by Shawsett Training with the following aim “To raise awareness of driving practices that contribute to the safety and welfare of course participants and develop the potential for the reduction of personal injury and vehicle damage” when operating a Commercial Vehicle.

About the Course

The major purpose of this Unit of Competency is to provide and introductory course for individuals who are already operating, or would like to seek employment which involves operating a commercial vehicle.

The information trained and assessed in the Unit of Competency is used by many large organisations as a Control Measure as part of their Risk Management Process. This is particularly true in the case of organisations such as Mining Companies who have work environments where driving can represent a significant risk exposure.

This Unit of Competency is required by and has been requested of Shawsett Training and Safety by a number of large organisations. Some examples of these are:

  • Chevron
  • Kellogg Joint Venture

For these organisations, the qualification provided by a recognised training provider is required to gain access to their sites and MUST be completed as part of their induction process.

Requirements from the Candidate

  1. The candidate MUST be in possession of a valid driver’s licence at the time the training takes place; if a problem is found on the day of the training, the candidate will not be allowed to complete the training.
  2. The candidate MUST be wearing appropriate clothing for the training day, this includes:
    • Enclosed shoes (thongs and sandals are not acceptable).
    • Clothing which will protect from the sun and will enable the candidate to move around under the bonnet of the vehicle, possibly lie on the ground to check under the vehicle and to complete a tyre change.
    • A hat that will protect the candidate from the sun.
    • A water bottle to fill with fresh water prior to taking part in the practical component of the course.