Operate Quad Bikes

This one day course is customised to suit the participants experience, and the Quad Bikes used, to develop the safe operating standards in an occupational setting.

Course Code: AHCMOM212A

Course Name: Operate Quad Bikes

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Operate Quad Bikes


This course has been designed to give participants an introduction to the Quad Bike and its unique handling characteristics. This vehicle was initially designed as a Recreational Vehicle but its capabilities have been acknowledged as adaptable to the rural environment. As such, manufacturers have developed models with larger engines, various drive modes and load carrying capability. As these vehicles are only suitable for off-road use, care is needed in order to operate them safely in a rural workplace environment. This course has been prepared in a session format so it can be adapted and adjusted to suit the training needs of individual organisations.


To introduce participants to the Quad Bike and provide them with the necessary skills required to operate the vehicle safely within the work environment. This course meets the WorkSafe course requirements as recommended for quad bike operators in the Agriculture Industry.


At the completion of this course Participants will be able to:

  1. Complete Start up and Shut Down procedures
  2. Identify and operate the controls of the vehicle
  3. Operate the vehicle in a safe and controlled manner
  4. Negotiate hills, obstacles and tight course conditions safely
  5. Be able to place loads upon the vehicle without interference to the safe operation of the vehicle.

Course Outline

Full One Day Course commencing 8.30am.

  • Session One Introduction to the Quad Bike and its controls.
  • Session Two Basic Maintenance.
  • Session Three Braking Procedures.
    • Part 1 – General Braking
    • Part 2 – Emergency Braking
  • Session Four Turning Procedures.
  • Session Five Hill Climbs and ascent / descent techniques.
  • Session Six Obstacle Negotiation.
  • Session Seven Loading Techniques.
  • Session Eight Loaded Vehicle Manoeuvres.
  • Session Nine Slalom Loading Course.
  • Session Ten Summary and Debrief.

Course Requirements

One trainer per six trainees with two Quad Bike’s on site. Client to provide suitable Quad Bikes for training.

Trainer will require a room (if possible equipped with data projector and screen) to conduct theory sessions. Practical training will be conducted in a safe training environment that should include some obstacles, ascents of no greater than 30 degrees and an open area to conduct turning and braking exercises. Each participant is to have their own personal protective equipment including helmet, boots and gloves and eye protection where appropriate.