Based on client demand including Agriculture and Marine applications.

Course Code: NA

Course Name: Trailer Towing Course

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To develop trailer towing driving techniques that contribute to the safety and welfare of course participants, contributing to minimisation of vehicle down time and the risk of personal injury and vehicle damage.


The objectives of this programme are to:

  • Develop hazard perception and risk management techniques on road whilst towing a trailer of various sizes and types including single and tandem axle trailers.
  • Discuss Occupational Safety and Health requirements for the use of a trailer
  • Raise awareness of the risk potential in towing a trailer.
  • Develop knowledge for the safe use of a trailer and associated equipment.
  • Develop knowledge for the safe coupling and load proportioning in a trailer.
  • Raise awareness of legal responsibilities and licensing requirements.
  • Discuss requirements for pre trip planning and preparation.
  • Enhance the practical safe driving skills of drivers in driving a vehicle whilst towing a trailer.
  • Raise awareness in course participants of tow vehicle requirements and considerations.
  • Raise awareness of trailer braking systems.
  • Enhance practical slow speed reversing techniques.