Operate Fire Fighting Equipment

A 3 to 4 hour course using state of the art gas fire and rechargeable extinguishers. (Course length depends on numbers)

Course Code: TLIF2018A & CPPFES2005A

Course Name: Operate Fire Fighting Equipment (TLIF2018A) & Demonstrate First Attack Firefighting Equipment (CPPFES2005A)

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This training course is aimed at providing course participants with the basic knowledge of the theory of fire, the practical knowledge of the safe and correct use of fire extinguishing mediums, and the information to check the operating equipment for fighting fires in general workplace setting.

The course is a Nationally Recognised Course that includes the units of competency:

  • Operate Fire Fighting Equipment (TLIF2018A); and
  • Demonstrate First Attack Firefighting Equipment (CPPFES2005A).


The training program involves a theory session, utilising power point and video footage, followed by a building inspection and walk through, and then a simulated fire extinguishment activity to demonstrate correct selection use of extinguishers. At Shawsett we utilise the Bullex Fire Simulation Equipment to replicate the actual heat and flare up of a real fire, giving the participants a first hand experience of a real fire situation.

Strict safety controls and a solenoid over ride allow for a safe experience that reduces the likelihood of participants attempting to extinguish a fire that is too large for the extinguisher in hand.

Course Content

Theory presentation encompassing:

  • Fire Tetrahedron, Chemical Reactions in Fires, Classes of Extinguishers, Classes of Fire, Basic Extinguisher Methods
  • Video Presentation including, Standards controlling maintenance and use of Fire Fighting Equipment, Classes of Fire and Extinguishers for Use, When not to attempt to fight fire, Method of Fire Fighting using Extinguisher, Hose and Blanket.

Complete a building walk through encompassing:

  • Identification of extinguishers, blankets and fire fighting equipment, methods of checking the operation of Fire Fighting Equipment, hazards that could be encountered in a fire situation.